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Call Us Today
(800) 925-2021
A new customer that Redigas Inc. is not presently supplying propane to must have Redigas Inc. pressure check their system before propane can be delivered. This service will be provided for free of charge for keep-full or regular customers. If a potential customer is a one-time, price shopper a fee of $100 will be applied for this service. Also propane must be paid for in advance for new customers that have not made arrangements in our office for credit.

We have a 200 gallon minimum delivery or fill tanks 250 gallon or smaller. Deliveries between 100-200 gallons will have  15 cents per gallon added to our delivery price, under 100 gallons will have a $30.00 delivery charge. Any delivery under 200 gallons will only be delivered when we have a truck in the area.(Route customers are exempt from minimum delivery limits)

Customers will have the option of being a route customer or a call-in customer. Route customers are put on a scheduled route. It is our responsibility to keep propane in your tank. Your account must be current to be a route customer. It is not our responsibility to keep propane in a customer’s tank when their account has become past due. Call-in customers are customers that call when they want propane delivered to their tank. It is the customer’s responsibility to order propane when their tank is near 20%. Call-in customers need to call at least two days in advance so the delivery can be scheduled.

If a tank runs out of propane or there is an interruption of service, we are required to run a leak check on your system before we can refill your tank. If you are a Route customer, we will do this test at no charge as long as your account is not past due. If you are a Call-in customer, the charge for this service will be $100.00 or $150.00 for same day service. For us to run the leak test we will require someone to be at the house, so we can run the leak test and relight pilots. Scheduling leak checks due to out of gas calls will be at our convenience due to time and availability of our service personal. If an out-of-gas call requires us to deliver any time other than between 8:00AM-4:00PM, Monday through Friday, there will be an additional charge of $100.00 for after-hour service.

420# CYLINDER POLICY - RV Propane Service
Tank rental, $100.00 per year (1 day - 1 year)
#1  90 gallons and tank rent must be paid before delivery.
#2  Any hoses needed for hook up must be purchased. (No refunds)
#3 There will be no refunds on propane if the original 90 gallons has not been used.
#4 Refunds for propane will be $1.00 per gallon less than the purchased price.
#5 Only Redigas can move cylinder. You are not allowed to move cylinder to another location.
#6  At any time your account becomes past due or we are unable to contact you, the tank will be picked up.
#7 Cylinders outside the Mcpherson area will be keep full only.
#8  Tank rental is not transferable

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